Winners might be failures in Karnataka’s Catch 22 endgame

It was what a film director would have portrayed as an perfect take. "You are a beginner," he said, grinding his teeth in simulated anger. "These are your days to learn."


It was what a movie executive would have depicted as an perfect take. “You are a beginner,” he said, grinding his teeth in simulated anger. “These are your days to learn.” A measured pause; he then emoted. “And you are insulting a former Prime Minister, a senior-most leader?” This was Narendra Modi chiding Rahul Gandhi, the Congress President. Over the span of a wild three-way decision crusade, Rahul Gandhi, provoked by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, depicted the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) as the B group of the Sangh Parivar. Modi attacked Rahul.

The way in which Modi jumped to Deve Gowda’s protection cocked eyebrows. The upheaval give the JD-S a role as a gathering which had the BJP’s sensitivities. In the event that this crawling mumble achieved Muslim enclaves which were once Congress vote banks, a segment of the Muslim vote which would somehow or another have gone towards Gowda, would examine itself. This would be amusing given that the “S” in JD-S remains for common.

After the demolition of the Babari Masjid in 1992, the upset Muslim vote, leaving the Congress crease, was waylaid by local gatherings. In Karnataka, this vote took rest under the JD-S umbrella. In these conditions, is the Congress daydream, of being the “only” national option, supportable when a container Indian amount like Muslims is for all time unwilling to it in the states? To clearly charm Muslims, Congress initiative has been exhorted, dangers loss of Hindu vote in guide extent to the saffron noticeable all around. Congress flight are currently adapted totally by these climate conditions. Such wretched reliance on the climate will have its rationale. There will be event when the flight won’t take off by any stretch of the imagination.

Presently, the post-Babari deficiency must be made up by hanging on perseveringly to the Hindu vote. This requires the sort of Hindu union the Congress isn’t designed for. On the off chance that it plugs upper station discharge, the lower positions stream out into provincial containers.

It can’t do what the BJP does: Pose the Muslim as the implicit other for Hindu combination. The Congress just avoids the Muslim like one would avoid inconvenience. It separates itself from the BJP, however. It has an unmistakable mental self portrait: It’s the gathering of “good Hindus”. It doesn’t underwrite the lumpenisation related with “street” Hindutva or the BJP.

It is a troublesome pirouette. How would you anticipate yourself as a squeaky clean Hindu without condemning abundances for the sake of the bovine, cherish jehad, Muslim youth grieving in prisons without trial. National landmarks like the Red Fort will now be given to concrete magnates for repair and upkeep et cetera.

Good, the BJP erects its “hard” Hindu structure “othering” the Muslims. How does the Congress depict its “delicate” Hindu layouts? Is there clearness or is everything foggy and unclear?

Modi chastised Rahul for insulting Gowda. Rahul discovered it so critical to tell the truth regarding the matter that he consented to give his first daily paper meet since he moved toward becoming Congress President in December to Karnataka’s Deccan Herald gathering of daily papers.

He said he was not assaulting Gowda by any stretch of the imagination; he was just welcoming Gowda to unequivocally proclaim whether he was on “that side or this side”. An epic ideological fight was on between the Congress and the BJP. Pick one.

What was the criticalness for him to look for this elucidation? Actually, it is all the all the more baffling in light of the fact that Modi’s intercession was intended to relax Gowda towards the BJP — it resembled an olive branch to the JD-S. In the event that opened up, this would have the impact of the Muslim vote moving far from the JD-S towards the Congress. For what reason would Rahul need to kill conditions for this conceivable result? All things considered, it was a bet. Rahul needs an out and out triumph with a sheltered edge. In a place of 224 he needs well more than 113 seats. Muslim help may help.

Tried and true way of thinking in Bengaluru gives Congress 95 to 100; BJP 85 to 90 and JD-S 35 to 40 out of a hung house. This is unpredictable — for the Congress. Deve Gowda, as kingmaker will immolate himself however not make Siddaramaiah the Chief Minister.

The minute Rahul searches for a contrasting option to Siddaramaiah with a specific end goal to keep Gowda in geniality, another amusement will have started. In the event that Congress wins out and out, the credit must go to Siddaramaiah, whatever self-serving message the Congress clique in New Delhi cajoles out of the outcome. In a state generally ruled by Vokkaligas and Lingayats, Siddaramaiah has brought under one umbrella the upwardly portable Kuruba (Shepherd) people group as one intense gathering. By tolerating a request by a segment of the Lingayat people group (the late Gauri Lankesh, for example) that they are “outside” the Hindu overlap, he has made mellow disturbance in the Veer Shaivite, Lingayat positions. BJP’s Yeddyurappa, a Lingayat, will confront that music.

By repeating, Jayalalithaa’s containers, offering sponsored rice and hauling out each execute in the populist toolbox, Siddaramaiah has thrown a wide net to entrap the voter. During a period of Rahul’s frantic sanctuary bouncing, Siddaramaiah’s skeptical, Lohiaite persona is invigorating.

What benefit for Siddaramaiah to stay subsidiary to the Congress on the off chance that he sees territorial on-screen characters assume a more prominent part in post-2019 computations? Who knows, he may jump at the chance to solidify his local base. Siddaramaiah isn’t the special case who is fundamentally disinclined for a ride in a chaotic coalition months before 2019. Assume Modi figures that Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh can be bundled with 2019 further bolstering his good fortune? That is the reason any long haul player won’t be excited about the unsteady Karnataka gaddi. In any case, the energetic conveyor child of Deve Gowda, H.D. Kumaraswamy, is yearning to rise the position of royalty notwithstanding for a couple of months with BJP bolster, Gowda’s disavowals in any case.

From the Bengaluru royal position, the Gowdas, BJP, everyone will then prepare their weapons on Siddaramaiah. It is Catch 22 for all.


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