UK / Now to test drones, you have to give theory test, then get a year-long license for 9 pounds

  • If the pilot flies the drone after failing in the ‘ID’ quiz, then he will be fined Rs 91000.
  • The weight of any drone or aircraft should be from 250 grams to 20 kg.

Gadget desk. Drone pilots will soon have to pass the Theory Style Test for driving. The license to fly the drone will be given only after passing it. After passing the test, you have to spend 9 pounds (about 820 rupees) for the license. The license will be valid for one year. The decision has been taken by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The reason behind this decision is to legally protect all flying gadgets. All drones operating in the UK will also be registered.

Fine of more than 90000 if not license

If a drone pilot flies a drone even after failing the online multiple-choice ‘ID’ quiz, then a penalty of 1000 pounds (about Rs 91000) will be filed. The weight of a drone or other aircraft flying in it should be from 250 grams to 20 kg. All children flying a drone on Christmas can give this exam before 25 December.

Regulators have warned that there is a crash lending of drones at public places. He named it ‘sky-tipping’. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will register all the drones and give a unique code, which the Honor of the drone will have to display on it.

16 digits required

Pilot ID will be given free after 20 questions have passed the test. Only 16 marks out of 20 will be considered a pass. At the same time, it is necessary to renew the ID every three years. However, the applicant can give this test any number of times. 9 pounds (about 820 rupees) will have to be paid for the registration of the drone.

Children under the age of 13 years will have to take parental permission to register as a drone pilot. The change in the rules related to drone pilots will come into effect from 30 November. According to the CCA, with the help of unique codes, the lost drones will be helped to reach their honor. Also, be able to identify dangerous pilots. According to the CAA, it can register more than 90,000 people.

Flying a drone near the airport or at an altitude of more than 400 feet is against the law. In this situation, the person flying the drone can be punished with an unlimited fine and a sentence of 5 years.


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