Theni forest fire: 9 dead, 27 saved as hunt operations proceed in Kurangani hills


Nine trekkers were singed to death in the forest fire that happened on Sunday in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district.

The deceased include  4 women, 4 men and a child.

27 individuals have been saved today from the fire in Kurangani slopes of which 8 are fundamentally harmed while 10 have minor wounds.

16 commandos of Garud Commandos Force and three choppers from the IAF have been in real life since today morning while eight commandos achieved the best as a major aspect of save activities and drenching the fire.

The Theni district collector on Sunday said that there were a sum of 37 individuals – 13 from Erode and Thiruppur, and 24 from Chennai, in Kurangani.

The 26 ladies, 8 men and 3 kids had gone to the area for a trek sorted out by the Chennai Trekking Club who were caught in a fire that softened out up Kurangani slopes on their way back on Sunday evening.

“If we are informed in advance, we will give them the necessary arrangements. A simple guide will not do. There are many places in the forest that are restricted,” Dindigul Srinivasan, Forest minister, said.

Guard Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that two helicopters will cut down the groups of the expired while a chopper has drenched the fire.

“16 Garuds walked up and reached there at 3 AM. They rescued a few people at night. At the moment, the Garuds are trying to lift the dead bodies to a higher plain,” Sitharaman said.

The majority of the families of the trekkers have reachedTheni.

Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam on Sunday met the harmed at the Bodi open public hospital.

He said that the group of trekkers remained at a tea estate and when the returned, they got caught in the forest fire.

“We will be tightening the force against the forest and provide necessary security to people who go on treks and inform in advance,” OPS said.

“There are checklists in the forest but many people enter through different regions. We are still not sure if they had the permission or not. We have been warning people about the forest fire. Awareness programmes are also being conducted,” Pallavi Baldev, collector of district Theni, said.

Actor-turned-neta Kamal Haasan tweeted his condolences and sympathy to the victims of the forest fire.


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