Hundreds of protesters on the streets to thank US president Donald Trump


Hundreds of people marched towards the American embassy in Hong Kong, including the aged. They thanked President Donald Trump for supporting America in anti-government protests. He delivered posters of ‘Thank You President Trump‘. A banner stated, “President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong.”


US President Donald Trump confirmed the ‘Hongkong Human Rights and Democracy Law’ last week. It has already been passed by both the Houses of the US Parliament before the Senate and the House of Representatives. According to the law, under US authority, Hong Kong will be closely monitored for special status. It was also said that the terms related to providing independence to Hong Kong from Beijing will be taken seriously. The second law prohibits Hong Kong police from dumping medians of crowd control, such as tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, stun guns, etc.

Hundreds of protesters in black attire bounced on the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday. Police released tear gas on the protesters. Marchers were seen on the streets a week ago when Hong Kong supporters won a landslide victory in the district council elections.

Hong Kong’s relation with China

Since the early 2000s, the relationship between the people of Hong Kong and mainland China has been relatively tense. Facilitating various factors, including different interpretations of the “one country, two systems” principle; the policies of Hong Kong and the Central Government to encourage Mainland tourists to come to Hong Kong; and the changing economic environment.

These tensions have been expressed as hostile towards mainlanders by radical politicians and ordinary citizens. More broadly, people are resentful of the integration or assimilation of the Mainland and Hong Kong, and the interference of mainland China in Hong Kong’s internal affairs.


In recent years, there were some incidents showing conflicts between Hong Kongers and mainlanders. The conflict between Hong Kong people and mainlanders poses an immense impact on Hong Kong society.


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