CBSE Passing Marks: You require these marks to pass in 10th and 12th, know details


CBSE Passing Criteria: The CBSE Board has changed the CBSE Passing Marks Pattern for all subjects. CBSE has issued a new circular in which passing criteria has been given. According to the new circular, in order to pass the 10th standard, you have to get 33 percent marks in practical and theory in each subject. But it is not so in 12th. Students of class 12th have to get 33 percent marks in practical, theory and internal assessment separately. In the 12th examination, it will be mandatory to bring 23 marks in the subject of 70 marks and 26 marks in the subject of 80 marks.

In subjects which are not practical, internal assessment will be taken from this time. The examination for subjects like Hindi, English, Mathematics etc. was of 100 marks. Now an internal assessment of 20 points will be done. In the internal assessment of 20 marks, 6 marks have to be obtained.

According to the board, information about the new pattern has been sent to schools. Now on this pattern, schools will have to conduct pre board examination so that students will be able to prepare for board examination. CBSE has instructed all schools to conduct 10th and 12th pre-board examinations from December 16 to 30, the board has released the time table for the pre-board examination.


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