Bigg Boss 13: Vishal and Rashmi ate pasta, the whole family including Siddharth created a ruckus


Bigg Boss 13: Contestant battles are the most discussed since the beginning of this season of Bigg Boss. Today is going to see a fierce battle again in the telecast episode. The makers have released the promo of the reality show. It is clear from this promo that the entire house will be against Vishal Aditya and Rashmi Desai due to eating pasta in hiding.

In today’s episode, you will see that Vishal Aditya Singh and Rashmi Desai eat pasta in the luxury budget. This time for the luxury budget, Big Boss gave a task to the contestants. Under the task, only the winning budget was given the luxury budget. With this, Bigg Boss had clearly said that only the winning team will be able to eat luxury items.

But Rashmi and Vishal who are among the losing team, they eat the pasta in the luxury budget to the winning team in fun. After this, Bigg Boss asks Vishal and Rashmi about this action of theirs and as a punishment, they take back everything that has come in the luxury budget. When Vishal tells all the families about this action and punishment, everyone is very angry, the clouds of battle go deep in the whole house.

In such a situation, the entire house will turn against Rashmi and Vishal. In such a situation, once again Siddharth Shukla’s tremendous aggressive behavior will be seen. Siddharth is seen to be confronting Aditya badly.


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