‘Amit Shah calls himself a Hindu, however he is a Jain’


Surat: A day after Rahul Gandhi ended his hush on Somnath Temple contention and named his family as fan of Lord Shiva, the Congress party propelled an assault on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) boss and said that Amit Shah calls himself Hindu, however he is a Jain.

“Amit Shah calls himself a Hindu, but he is a Jain. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, Shiv Bhakti is being practiced in his home since a long time. Indira Gandhi used to wear rudraksha,which was only worn by those who worship Shiva,” Congress leader Raj Babbar told ANI on Friday.

A political slugfest emitted in front of Gujarat Assembly races, after Rahul Gandhi yesterday said his family is lover of Lord Shiva, yet does not have confidence in utilizing it for political pick up.

Rahul, while tending to a get-together of his gathering pioneer in a beginner video, said religion is an individual issue and ought to be kept individual.

“My grandmother (Indira Gandhi) used to worship Lord Shiva and my entire family does the same. But, we keep such things private; we normally don’t talk about it. We believe that our religion is a personal thing and don’t want to trade on Lord Shiva’s name. We don’t want to make political use of it,” he said.

This comes a day after a column emitted over Gandhi’s visit to the Somnath Temple in Gujarat, wherein his name was purportedly recorded as a non-Hindu visitor in the guest book.

The controversy began when party’s media coordinator Manoj Tyagi professedly entered names of Rahul Gandhi and Congress MP Ahmed Patel in the exceptional enroll for non-Hindus going by the sanctuary.

Before long, the BJP pioneers started addressing Congress scion’s confidence.

The Congress likewise issued illumination on Twitter saying, “There is only one visitor’s book at Somnath Temple that was signed by Congress VP Rahul Gandhi. Any other image being circulated is fabricated. Desperate times call for desperate measures?”


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