‘Affected’ by godman, mother slits 8-month-old child’s throat in Delhi


NEW DELHI: A 29-year-old lady killed her eight-month-old child, ravaged his body and after that endeavored suicide at her home in Aman Vihar in external Delhi. The horrendous demonstration was found on Friday morning by her better half, who discovered her sitting on the floor with the body of the infant on her lap, executed and eviscerated.

The lady, Sarika, evidently was under treatment for behavioral turmoil at Lady Hardinge Hospital for a few years now. Her stunned spouse, Hari Shankar, said that she had killed their senior child four years back when he was two months old. “She had smothered the baby by sitting on his chest. I was shocked, but realised she was ailing and took her for medical treatment,” said Shankar, who is a vegetable seller at a market close Janki Vihar.

Relatives asserted that Sarika, however standard with her healing center arrangements, had additionally started generally to visit a tantrik. They speculated he may have talked her into the abhorrent demonstration. On Thursday night, Shankar returned late at night and found the way to their single-room house in the ghetto bunch at Aman Vihar’s W Block bolted from inside. He called to Sarika a couple of times and afterward went to his parent’s home close-by where he discovered his little girls resting.

From the get-go Friday morning, he returned home. At the point when Sarika did not react to his yells, he climbed a divider into their room and was shocked to see her sitting with the collection of Chirag, their child. “She had severed his head and smashed it with a pestle. She had also ripped open the stomach. She probably tried to kill herself too and had stabbed herself a few times,” said Shankar.

Hearing Shankar’s yells, his folks and neighbors achieved the spot and took the lady to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital adjacent. Specialists speculate the lady may have been experiencing post pregnancy anxiety and psychosis. Chirag’s body was sent for a post-mortem examination and will be given over to the family on Saturday. M N Tiwari, DCP (Outer), stated,  “We have registered a case of murder and initiated a probe. The woman will be counselled once she regains her mental health.”

The spouse said he had not been excessively furious with his significant other after the murder of the primary child in light of the fact that the specialists had clarified her condition. “She used to behave normally with other family members, but constantly assailed our two daughters,” said Shankar. “That is why I frequently asked my parents to look after them in their house.”

He had hitched Sarika, the little girl of a family companion, 10 years prior. The couple had been attempting to have a child for a long time till the introduction of their first child. “We named him Babu. When he died, we did not inform the police because we thought he had choked while suckling,” said Shankar. “It was only later that Sarika told me she had smothered him to death. I was too shocked to react, and later sought medical help for her.”


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